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#rockbox log for 2024-07-03

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09:59:21speachyrecentchanges wiki now caught up through the end of 2022. only 1.5 years to go
10:08:08_bilgusthats damn good progress
10:09:04speachymy guesstimate is that about 50-75% of that can be consolidated into a saner human-readable changelog.
10:09:52speachy(and IMO we should drop the dates in the process)
10:11:24_bilgusenjancements is spelled wrong
10:11:35_bilgusfirst line
10:12:31speachyno, it just demonstrates the jey remapping
10:18:24_bilgusthe date kinda keeps the order though
10:18:51_bilgusI guess they already come in in proper order
10:19:14_bilgusso yeah that would clean it up a bit
10:28:26speachyI'm starting my first cut at the release notes.
10:41:49speachycan we promote anything else to stable?
10:42:18speachythe Rocker, X3ii, ErosQ/K family? (they technically have rbutil support, though it's janky)
11:02:16_bilgusI think I don't have anything in my possession thats not stable maybe someone else will chime in
11:03:45speachyI think we only gave commit rights to two new folks, amachronic and chris_s?
11:21:33speachysaved what I have so far. Need to finish generating the majorchanges and go through everything.
11:22:35speachyour diffstat since v3.15 is ~2.8M LOC. :D
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13:15:25speachythe real gating factor for "stable" is rbutil support.
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13:22:08sporkwhat allows the xduoo's to be installed by rbutil but not all other x1000's
13:22:50sporkthe x3ii and x20 that is
13:25:16user890104the wiki registration doea not seem to work, how do I access the /realwiki/ pages?
13:25:18speachythe hosted port can be installed by rbutil.
13:25:22user890104The Administrator has disabled new user registration.
13:26:06speachyPM me your email address and name and I'll create an account for you.
13:27:57speachyregistrations were disabled well before I took over hosting everything due to spammers going nuts
13:29:15sporkah, those are hosted, that makes sense
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15:07:03speachyoh lovely. sometime between 2021-08 and 2023-03 the xduoox3 bootloader build stopped working.
15:08:15speachythe latter date is when the gnu make 4.2 changes were added, so I can't build older stuff on my workstation to bisect fully.
15:15:06speachyno that doesn't make sense. I tested out the GPT partition stuff...
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16:52:07rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision e2fb4ecd5c, 305 builds, 10 clients.
16:52:07rb-bluebotxduoox3: Completely strip USB support out of the bootloader. by Solomon Peachy
16:54:26speachyapparently the rb bootloader build has been busted since late 2022. :D
16:55:37speachyI also uploaded new bootloader builds to the download site. Now with GPT support!
16:55:55speachyfor the xDuoo X3, that is.
17:00:31rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 505 seconds.
17:00:32rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision e2fb4ecd5c result: All green
17:09:47_bilgusI have that, i'll test soon
17:11:24speachyIt works for mine. :D
17:15:42speachyI do want to uprev our bootloaders where possible/feasible.
17:15:48speachybootloder binaries, I mean
17:16:21speachythe ipods in particular could use it for the SSD fixes
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17:42:15speachy_bilgus: updating the bootloader on an already rockbox'd X3 is a little tricky. I updated the wiki page with more specific instructions.
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18:12:38speachymajor changes now current through June 1, 2023. 4.0 notes also updated considerably.
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