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#rockbox log for 2024-07-06

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00:17:19speachythat 306gb sounds like it wrapped over
00:18:03speachydon't know if it's a rockbox bug or the iflash adapter's problem.
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01:19:18bakedbacon42066Just double checked my collection i think i mightve sent the .bin for my 60gb not my 80gb
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01:29:58_bilgus_hmm one downside to reading the files is that voice would have to do it again I think I'm going to leave that be
01:31:18_bilgus_well I guess it wouldn't be terrible to do it by caching the selected index as it goes by
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01:41:48_bilgus_ugh nope leaving it be
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06:59:26speachy is this in the apple firmware /disk mode or within rockbox's usb mode?
07:18:13speachyok, pushed updated 64bit storage api patch; notably fixes USB mass storage size reporting.
07:21:31speachybakedbacon420: yeah, the identify_info.bin you sent was for an ipod with an iflash adapter in it
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11:13:37user890104speachy: does it make sense to move all ata identify info parsing into a separate source file, and add API for retrieving the fields from it?
11:14:25user890104or better make a struct and load it into that
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11:36:49speachythere's not a lot of actual parsing going on outside of the lowlevel ata driver
11:37:03speachyand I think it's already contained within ata_() API function calls
11:37:21speachy(debuginfo is a notable exception)
11:38:02speachythere is some duplication in platform ATA drivers though
11:38:24speachybut there's not a lot to be done about; most of the "parsing" would end up being inlined anyway.
11:38:44speachythe SD code, on the other hand, has massive amounts of functional duplication
11:42:27speachyyeah, outside of the ata subsystem, the identify info is only used in the debug (the menu and a couple of bootloaders) and usb mass storage driver.
11:42:52speachyand even then only to get serial numbers and model names to report up.
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13:23:36user890104speachy: yes, that's what i meant by adding an API - to get those three strings with the whitespace trimmed, the rest can be read from the struct as-is
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13:50:35_bilgus_Re: g#5807 I think I have a decently performant way forward by using the name buffer to fill in title data on buffer load it should decrease the disk hits to a manageable level
13:50:38rb-bluebotGerrit review #5807 at : [Feature] playlist_viewer id3 title display by William Wilgus
13:51:05_bilgus_this also allows the titles to be voiced with no extra overhead
13:52:45_bilgus_I was going to make the playlist search function follow the same formatting but it only searches filenames and I don't intend to start parsing tags in every file in the playlist so it makes sense to only show filename there still
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17:43:36speachyuser890104: Not sure that any one of thos strings is used more than one place, but feel free to submit a patch. :D
17:44:22user890104well, after my patches, there is one that's used :)
17:45:51user890104maybe a struct would be enough, and the other pieces of code can use its members directly, without having typecasts all over the code. I am only worried about endianess, because at one place there was host2be conversion taking place
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19:46:02speachyuser890104: the identify info is defined as big endian, but when we query it we automatically swap everything to host order.
19:47:25speachyhmm. I suppose having a generic "copy the string at position X (max len )" helper wouldn't be a bad thing; it's used in at least three places.
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