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#rockbox log for 2024-07-08

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09:18:16_bilgus_re winget, never heard of it. is it like apt-get for windows?
09:19:14speachyseems so.
09:19:59speachyexcept officially blessed by Microsoft.
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09:27:40_bilgus_So far after 4 runs of the database on 30000 songs it looks like you get an average of 1000 tracks per minute and I have about 30 seconds saved over 10000 songs so I guess that means you get 10500 by not copying the path
09:28:00_bilgus_(im sure shorter paths would show less savings)
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11:32:11speachy....changelog caught up through 2024-03-31
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14:00:55Guest73Hi, i have a problem with the rockbox site, I cant access to the site the only thing i can see its "403 Forbidden You don't have permission to access this resource" for every page, this appened after I have changed internet provider a few years ago, hope someone can help me, thanks
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14:04:15speachywhat's your public IP address?
14:05:19Guest78sorry, (im guest73)
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14:08:48speachygive it a shot now
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15:38:04_bilgus_chris_s (logs) I think I g#5807 where it should use the metadata from disk while preserving the IN-RAM stuff for my artist-title display
15:38:07rb-bluebotGerrit review #5807 at : [Feature] playlist_viewer id3 title display by William Wilgus
15:38:21_bilgus_sorry I think I have*
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17:25:18speachyHMMM. Looks like I broke plugin loading on the ipods
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17:27:23speachybrowse to the plugin list and select anything, looks like a namespacing error.
17:28:22speachyor hit the credits menu item in the system menu
17:32:48speachyHMM. I did a completely clean build and it worked
17:32:59speachythe prior (non-working) ones were debug+logf enabled
17:33:16speachydoes that screw with the plugin API?
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20:30:44Guest71I installed Rockbox on a Sansa Clip+ and now it will not mount USB drives when connected to my PC via USB cable. I have tried to invoke the bootloader by powering the Clip on with either the Left or Select (Middle) buttons held to no avail. It otherwise functions fine (i.e. plays music, games run OK, etc.) but without access to the onboard storage
20:30:44Guest71and/or SD slot, it feels somewhat "bricked" to me. I am wondering if I've overlooked something or if I need to consider drastic measures to recover.
20:41:57Guest71Windows _does_ make a USB connect sound when connecting the cable, and in Multimedia mode I was able to mute Windows sounds by pressing a button on the Clip, but mounting of the drives never finishes. Trying to start the Rockbox Utility also hangs until I disconnect the Clip, at which point all pending USB operations complete instantaneously.
21:12:49Guest71Hiding internal USB drive and connecting to PC results in immediate USB mount of the SD card. It would appear something is preventing the internal USB drive from mounting to Windows.
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