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#rockbox log for 2024-07-09

00:07:36_bilgus_Guest71, what version did you install?
00:08:22Guest71I downloaded Rockbox Utility 1.5.1 auto installer
00:08:53_bilgus_So 3.15 or a dev version?
00:09:18_bilgus_we are going to do it manually
00:09:35Guest71Stable Release (v 3.15)
00:09:38_bilgus_do you have a way to read/write the sd card without using the clip?
00:09:52Guest71I do
00:11:03_bilgus_ok so go download the latest dev version for the clip+ here:
00:11:50Guest71done: downloaded
00:11:53_bilgus_you will then unzip it to the root of the sd card when you are done it should be /.rockbox
00:12:38_bilgus_next create a file called rockbox_main.clip+ open it and place a single / save it to the root of the sd card
00:12:50_bilgus_so '/'
00:12:56_bilgus_no quotes though
00:13:24_bilgus_when you are done place the sd card back after (ejecting properly)
00:13:40Guest71a single forward-slash as the contents of file rockbox_main.clip+ ?
00:13:53_bilgus_no return
00:14:36_bilgus_now you should be able to boot and we will go from there once you do
00:15:35Guest71boot and saw "Loading firmware" with a different version number? (I don't think it read 3.15)
00:15:43Guest71(it  goes very quick)
00:16:01_bilgus_now you should be able to connect to usb
00:16:44_bilgus_after you do take your same downloaded fw and unzip it to the internal drive (overwrite the other one)
00:17:07_bilgus_not the sd card so look at the drive size 4gb or 8gb
00:17:20Guest71still getting a green progress bar in Windows Explorer on the This PC screen −− I can see drives F: and G: but they won't fully mount :(
00:18:22_bilgus_then it could be an issue withthe pc
00:18:45_bilgus_you can try downlaod a program that will let you delete old USB descriptors
00:19:02_bilgus_give me a second and ill see if I can look it up
00:19:08Guest71oh that's something I haven't considered −− thank you!
00:19:31Guest71device threw a divide-by-zero at 3007198c when unplugging cable from PC
00:19:37Guest71(if that matters)
00:20:00_bilgus_that happens sometimes unfortunately
00:21:15Guest71I've also tried plugging the Clip+ into a 2013 Macbook Air and it doesn't mount any removable storage on the desktop
00:21:23Guest71but USBDeview is worth a shot
00:21:50_bilgus_so in that program you should be able to see devices that are not connected delete the ones that look like the one you get from the clip+ when you plug it it should have a green circle(btw I haven't used this program since win7 and I don't use windows)
00:22:20_bilgus_hmm its very odd that both the sd and internal won't mount
00:22:42_bilgus_try a different cable too
00:24:09_bilgus_did you by chance get a message from windows about formatting the drive at any point?
00:24:20_bilgus_did you?
00:24:29Guest71not recently
00:24:35_bilgus_ok so I have a way for you to fix this
00:24:48_bilgus_is this aa 8gb or a 4gb?
00:25:28sporkusing a card reader will take some extra steps but saves a lot of time
00:25:45Guest71card reader for the external SD card?
00:26:47sporksd card over usb in the clip+ is very slow, also in the original firmware
00:27:06Guest71downloading 4GB imgc
00:27:12_bilgus_there is the original forum post and the mediafire link will take you to your images
00:27:49_bilgus_hopefully that util still works on win (whatever you have)
00:28:23_bilgus_last thing we need is a special firmware to expose the internal drive give me a few to compile one
00:28:38 Join braewoods_ [0] (~braewoods@user/braewoods)
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00:29:39_bilgus_what you will do is put this special fw in a different directory on the sd card when it boots you will run the special .sansa file and then plug to usb after that you will copy that image to the internal drive using rawcopy
00:30:40_bilgus_and do make sure you don't unplug it till its done so get the cats iguana and goldfish away and make sure the power will be on for at least an hour
00:30:54Guest71can do
00:32:10_bilgus_oh hey I already compiled it
00:32:43_bilgus_do not do anything else with that drive and this fw
00:33:09_bilgus_its literally the way you can brick the device don't let windows format it
00:33:23Guest71put the .sansa file at the root of my SD card?
00:33:40_bilgus_you'll browse to it and run it
00:34:07_bilgus_it should pop a big ol warning and tell you to plug it in
00:34:24Guest71keep the daily FW and clip+ file intact and all that
00:35:09_bilgus_sure I highly reccomend doing sd card boot
00:35:34_bilgus_like even in the future since when the internal flash wears out they brick
00:35:50Guest71and what you initially set up with me was SD card boot?
00:35:58Guest71that's the clip+ file and .rockbox folder?
00:36:00Guest71hell yeah
00:36:12Guest71ok, so unplugged from PC, boot the device
00:36:36Guest71nav to .sansa using Files app?
00:37:40Guest71right in Files I see "ClipPlus_rockbox_RECOVERY" −− I did not have to drill down into microSD0
00:38:21_bilgus_yeah we got the namespace working
00:38:31Guest71select the .sansa?
00:38:47_bilgus_yes run it
00:39:16Guest71saw a RECOVERY DRIVE INIT splash for a bit but now I'm back to main menu?
00:39:22_bilgus_then usb plug
00:39:47_bilgus_now you should get a drive mounting unless its a issue with the pc
00:39:54Guest71here we go: USB: WARNING RECOVERY MODE splash
00:40:10Guest71Windows is asking to format −− I will not, as you warned me
00:40:29_bilgus_do your hdd raw copy and put the image on there
00:41:13Guest71target USB "Rockbox Internal Storage (F:)" in the tool?
00:41:28Guest71oh, this is asking for SOURCE
00:41:37Guest71I want the 4G imgc here, correct?
00:41:43_bilgus_yes the internal drive, I don't rem if there is anything but a fw in that image so when its done you will dc the usb and hold the power button till it shuts down
00:42:40_bilgus_make sure its 4gb if it were linux we can do both with a single image windows requires the whole properly sized image
00:43:15Guest71TARGET is 3933.73MB and SOURCE is IMAGE of ... at 3933.73 MB
00:43:20Guest71I think I'm good to START
00:43:36_bilgus_then boot with the sd again and copy that dev version (the same as on the sd card) to the internal drive
00:43:58_bilgus_delete that recovery.sansa asap
00:44:19_bilgus_(once all done)
00:44:27Guest71am I imaging the stock Sansa firmware back onto the device here?
00:44:47_bilgus_and our older bootloader
00:45:00Guest71so will I need to re-run the Rockbox Utiltiy auto-installer? because I did that the first time and it didn't work out so great :-P
00:45:31_bilgus_once we get this right you can upgrade with rb util or it will work perfectly fine if not
00:45:56Guest71thanks for all your help with this
00:46:08_bilgus_I think you got corrupted somehow or the drive was already wonky likely
00:46:29Guest71meaning the Internal Drive?
00:46:38_bilgus_np, the clip+ is my all time <3
00:47:03_bilgus_I'm saving one for retirement
00:47:26Guest71if my internal drive _is_ flaky, can we essentially bypass it so it always routes to the SD card and avoid any future possible brickage?
00:47:50_bilgus_yeah the internal drive might have a bad spot this should fix it as the image has the fw at a slightly different pos on the drive
00:48:06_bilgus_yes thats what the sd card boot file does
00:48:21_bilgus_thats why
00:48:25_bilgus_I made it
00:50:16_bilgus_I believe it was johnb that was stringing along various clip+s and thed go readonly or die
00:51:41sporkmultiboot saves sansas
01:05:17 Join sch [0] (
01:10:25Guest71raw copy complete
01:10:52Guest71should I eject both drives from Windows before disconnecting?
01:11:00 Quit braewoods_ (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
01:17:03Guest71ejected from Windows, disconnected USB cable (saw USB: NO ERRORS splash), held power until it turned off, then turned it back on and Rockbox launched −− expected?
01:18:34_bilgus_sd card is in
01:18:37_bilgus_so yes
01:18:48_bilgus_so now will it connect to USB?
01:19:19Guest71oh it sure does!
01:20:02Guest71I see a 10/9/2017 (US Date format) .rockbox on the F: drive
01:20:04_bilgus_good now take that first downloded dev version and unzip it to internal eject properly turn off device and eject sd card make sure it still boots
01:20:16_bilgus_thats when I did the images
01:20:35Guest71stomp the .rockbox on F: with the daily fw we put on G: correct?
01:20:53_bilgus_i'm not sure which is which there
01:21:06Guest71G: is external −− the 7/7/2024 build
01:21:08_bilgus_but if there is one on the internal delete it first
01:21:24_bilgus_then copy that same new dev build to it
01:21:32Guest71the goal is a .rockbox folder on internal
01:21:43_bilgus_and be sure to properly eject from windows
01:21:58_bilgus_yes and without the sd card it should boot
01:22:12_bilgus_(and mount USB)
01:22:30Guest71could a single bad disconnect from Windows (i.e. not ejecting properly) have been the cause of all of this?
01:22:52_bilgus_after that just leave it as a backup and put the SD back in and reboot
01:23:08_bilgus_possibly if you then let windows format it
01:23:21_bilgus_now when using the sd card no worries
01:23:59_bilgus_you can pull it and reformat it with windows (or a special program bc windows doesn't like FAT32 > 64GB)
01:24:23_bilgus_as long as you aren't writing to that internal drive no harm will come to it
01:24:37Guest71no SD Card = mounts instantly
01:24:50_bilgus_you can actually store stuff there if you dare and just read them
01:25:24_bilgus_but I just leave the internal there just incase so I can fix it the sd card goes bad (happens)
01:25:30Guest71so now, SD card back in, keep the .rockbox folder and the clip+ redirector and it'll just launch the build on the SD card, right?
01:25:54_bilgus_and it now mounts it in the root of the files screen
01:26:11_bilgus_and we have SOOOO many bugfixes we just need to get a release together
01:26:48_bilgus_anyway enjoy :)
01:26:53Guest71thank you so much!
01:27:35Guest71is it best practice to eject the SD card from the Clip+ and load files onto the card via a USB adapter, or will that put wear and tear on the SD card spring in the device and it's better to let the device mount drives
01:28:05_bilgus_you are welcome btw I should say the reason it is dangerous to let windows format the internal drive is because its an emulated fat32 on flash
01:28:30_bilgus_I try not to ever eject that sd card bc it eventually wears out
01:29:07_bilgus_and I destroyed the clip+ I had first trying to solder a new sd card slot in that I stole from one of those shitty newer sansa
01:29:13Guest71should I hide the internal drive in Settings so it only ever mounts the SD card from now on?
01:29:21_bilgus_if you want
01:29:48_bilgus_I don't but I do a lot of installs and it gets annoying setting it and unsetting it
01:29:58Guest71makes sense
01:30:19Guest71so happy to have this thing functioning again −− you have made my day; thanks again!
01:30:31_bilgus_as long as you aren't writing to it I think they go for a long time
01:30:52Guest71yeah, I'm happy to just use the SD card exclusively
01:33:03_bilgus_If you are real happy you can always donate something to the RB fund :)
01:33:19_bilgus_but not a requirement OFC
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01:40:04rb-bluebotBuild Server message: New build round started. Revision fdbaf7df59, 305 builds, 9 clients.
01:40:04rb-bluebot[Feature] playlist_viewer id3 title display by William Wilgus
01:41:28sporkyou really broke an sd card slot on a sansa ?
01:42:32sporki have only managed that by inserting the card wrong
01:46:05_bilgus_no it just spontaneously shot the card across the room
01:46:20_bilgus_then it wouldnt click anymore to keep the card in
01:46:44_bilgus_at that time I was deving the multiboot suff and was ejecting the card every build
01:47:56_bilgus_I finished by putting a wedge in and then wanted to replace it and the pitch was so tiny I couldn't hardly see it with a magnifying glass and I toasted a pad resoldering it
01:48:38_bilgus_its now setup with a current shunt and I did a bunch of optimizations on the sd driver but no way to test lol
01:49:10_bilgus_and the rest of my sansas are too dear to do that to
01:50:30_bilgus_I've since switched to the clipzip just because I was able to get 5 of them speachy has one
01:50:51_bilgus_I traded him one for the xduoo x3
01:51:39_bilgus_lets see what i've broken
01:52:20_bilgus_normally when these go long its becuase its red
01:52:40sporkyou will not beat speachy's recent red record
01:53:47_bilgus_doesn't matter if theres already red only when it was a perfect green board
01:54:27 Quit Guest71 (Quit: Client closed)
01:54:35rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Build round completed after 871 seconds.
01:54:36rb-bluebotBuild Server message: Revision fdbaf7df59 result: All green
01:55:42_bilgus_well with this the db hould build slightly faster and you now can display playlist tracks by title from the ondisk id3 (or db if in-ram highly recommend)
01:56:23 Quit othello7 (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
01:56:29_bilgus_hmm wonder why its so much bigger
01:59:08_bilgus_its not the bin but the ram
02:33:54 Join braewoods [0] (~braewoods@user/braewoods)
02:41:05_bilgus_not sure but now my build has jumped by 1k after pulling maybe something else got pulled in? unless I'm missing some static vars somewhere
03:01:06 Join chris_s [0] (~chris_s@2a02:3037:200:b218:9c34:cd69:df5e:574c)
03:04:48chris_sbilgus: L234 in playlist_viewer.c seems to be backwards, i.e. with the flag it always reads from disk, and without it, it checks the DB
03:08:44 Quit chris_s ()
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07:53:12_bilgus_chris_s can you double double check I think I have it right already
07:54:28_bilgus_if excluding the path it reads from disk, bc I need it to do title display from ram if possible it then would do straight from disk for the info plugin
07:54:58_bilgus_sorry track_info
07:55:41_bilgus_should mention this doesn't apply to get_metadata only the stuff in the pl viewer
08:03:28_bilgus_ so load_track_title has the flag (retrieve_track_metadata(&id3, filename, METADATA_EXCLUDE_ID3_PATH)), this should short circuit −− if ((flags & METADATA_EXCLUDE_ID3_PATH) || !tagcache_fill_tags(id3, filename)) and it skips the ram id3
08:04:09_bilgus_otherwise it grabs the ram one and if it fails it does the disk read
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13:01:53speachyok, I think I've fixed all the regressions with the >2TB storage stuff on the ipod5g and mini2g.
13:04:39speachythe hacks put into place dealing with the 2K sector size on the ipod5g are a real cluster-f
13:07:19 Join lebellium [0] (
13:09:16speachyI suppose the easiest way to test this would be to get a >2TB SATA SSD and plug that into this ipod
13:32:33speachyin other news, the iflash SD adapters dont' report sector sizes.
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18:49:50speachyI _think_ that patch is ready to go; or at least it doesn't seem to cause any regressions with <2TB stuff.
18:51:03speachywe have SECTOR_SIZE hardcoded in so many places all throughout the stack
18:51:53speachyit really needs to be a dynamic thing based on the underlying storage device.
18:52:49speachyI don't know if >512B sectors is common for SATA SSDs.
18:56:59speachythis could be a problem if we have multiple storage devices that use different logical sector sizes
18:57:44speachy(and if someone plugs a non-512B-sector drive into an ATA-supporting target)
18:59:06speachyalso I am not confident that we can successfully use a GPT partition on iPods < 6g.
19:00:42speachythe GPT has to exist in the LBA 1-33, which likely collides with the apple firmware (including our bootloader)
19:04:21speachywell 2-33 are the partition entries, which can go anywhere. but LBA1 has to contain a GPT header. The final LBA is supposed to contain a backup of said header but it's not clear how to deal with that.
19:10:15speachyok, looks like it starts at sector 64, phew.
19:19:13 Quit q3k (Server closed connection)
19:19:32speachyANYway. I'd appreciate further testing on g#5808
19:19:33 Join q3k [0] (
19:19:35rb-bluebotGerrit review #5808 at : storage: 64-bit sector offsets by Solomon Peachy
19:19:59speachyespecially if you have the ability to slap >2TB into an ipod
19:20:37speachybut even if not, gotta ensure no regressiosn for everyone else.
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