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Subject: Re: Datasheet for display?
From: Andrew Jamieson (
Date: 2001-12-11

> > >There were numbers etched in the glass, printed on the glass and on the
> > >fexible pcb connector. Some of them matched thus I guess that these are
> > >the relevant numbers. I couldn't find any information in the web - but
> > >didn't really have a clue where to search. Unfortunately I'm at work
> > >right now and don't have the numbers available. I only remember they
> > >started with SYT and some numbers looked slightly like resolution info.
> > >But I can post them tomorrow.
> > >Oh, yes, I should mention that I'm talking about the AJB RECORDER and
> > >not the AJB 6000.
> >
> > The LCD on the AJB and AJBR differ significantly, however it is
> > plausable that they would use the same supplier for both.
> >
> > SYT = Shing Yih Technology (
> >
> > However, thier web link was down when I tried. Maybe someone else will
> have
> > more luck? In the mean time, I'll keep looking.
> >
> > CM
> >
> >
> Got the little bastard. It's a SYT G112064-30 (you can read the part
> off the photo on the Yahoo newsgroup). The specs of which you can find
> here:
> 6008801321848
> (Hope that link works)...
> It uses a SSD1815Z COG controller. Now to find the datasheet on that ....
> Of course, this is all moot, as we are currently working on the AJB, but
> still, it's progress!!

And the final part of the puzzle:

Is the datasheet of the COG controller. I would imagine that Archos tried
to use a very similar controller between the two products to reduce
development time (well, its what I would do). Anyway, I'll be hacking my
way to the AJB screen soon, so hopefully that will give me some more info

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