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Subject: Re: MAS3507D
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2001-12-17

Daniel Stenberg wrote:

> the MAS 3507 supports only MP3 audio. Other chips will have
> to be added to the audio design to support additional formats."

That's actually not quite correct. Quoting the MAS datasheet:

"The overall function of the MAS 3507D can be altered by downloading up to
1 kWord program code into the internal RAM and executing this code instead
of the ROM code. During this time, MPEG decoding is not possible.

The code must be downloaded by the "write to memory" command (see Section 3.3.) into an area of RAM that is switchable from data memory to program memory. A "run" command (see Section 3.3.1.) starts the operation.

Micronas provides modules for voice-decoding using the CELP algorithm (performing good speech quality at very low bit rates) and for encoding and decoding audio data with ADPCM.

Detailed information about downloading is provided in combination with the MAS 3507D software development package from Micronas." ----

Whether these 1kWords are enough to do anything with the complexity of Ogg is still uncertain. But the MAS 3507 is definitely not a fixed MP3-only chip.


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