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Subject: Starting to be real...
Date: 2001-12-17

Hi all,

I don't have any MP3 jukebox right now. Anyways I am really excited about
this project :)
I think it is now time to start structuring a bit this. Someone mentioned
the idea of a of CVS repository on sourceforge or something. I agree with
I submited a Project creation on soundforge (project name : OSJukeBox), I
hope it will be accepted, otherwise we will have to find an other solution
for that, does someone have a linux box running where we could put the CVS ?

So as a first idea, here is a draft of the different tasks which should to
be done
(it's a draft, and I am not an expert, so any comments/revisions are welcome

Common :
-Main Kernel (even if this one is really simplist)
-Low level IDE Driver
        HD detecting, Fat32 support,
-High Level IDE Driver
        file and dir manipulation, file read and write)
-Basic ASM routines
        basic functions for high level programing
-play list engine
        scan dirs, add files, add dir, remove files ; save and read
-MP3 buffering
        Read the file, feed the memory

Model Specific (present on both but different) :
-Display and led driver
-Keyboard driver
-User interface
-initialisation (boot process)

Recorder Only
-Input management (LineIn / S/Pdif, Level, monitoring)
-MP3 encoding
-MP3 writting (oposite as MP3 buffering)

6000 Only


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