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Subject: LCD scroll
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2002-01-06

Hello everyone.

I have been tearing my hair about this LCD problem for a couple of days
(nights), and am happy to finally present some working code.

This time, I have packed together a complete tar file with Makefile, source
files and link description file. Consider this the first howto. :-)

Some notes:

- There are what looks like two different ascii2lcd translation tables in
v5.03a. One that works for me and one that gives me garbage. This could
indicate that there are actually two models of displays in use for the
Jukebox. Please try this mod file and say if it works for you and which ROM
version you have. It should display "Open Source" in the top line and scroll
"Jukebox" in the lower.

- There seem to be an issue with refresh rate on the display. If I update the
screen any faster than this, it gets mostly blank. However, I get the feeling
that the standard firmware exhibits less of this problem than my code.


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