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Subject: (no subject)

(no subject)

From: alankorr <>
Date: Sun, 06 Jan 2002 18:24:15 GMT

>I have an idea what the two translation tables could be
for: I have a
>JBS20 and I downloaded a firmware version for the JB6K. The
file worked
>ok (though as far as I know the LCD displays are different,
>they?). So maybe they use one translation table for the
JB6K and one for
>the JBS20?

I have a look in the disassembly code of 5.03 and found at
this address a subroutine which determines which subroutines
to call for LCD :

0x020000FE is an external ROM address and contains a number
above 449 for me (>0x1C1). Now my firmware is 4.53, so it
looks like this address contains the firmware version in
fact. if it is so, the following code tells us that firmware
version under 4.50 uses a different LCD controller than
firmware version above 4.49. But if 0x020000FE contains a
number 115, use LCD controller as if a number above 4.49. I
suspect their LCD controllers to be different because they
call subroutines which don't use the same command.

(0x0000Exxx should be 0x0900Exxx)

0x0000EA70: 0xD11A mov.l _at_(0x06C,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EADC
0x0000EA72: 0x6111 mov.w _at_r1,r1
0x0000EA74: 0x601D extu.w r1,r0
0x0000EA76: 0x912F mov.w _at_(0x062,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EAD8
0x0000EA78: 0x3016 cmp/hi r1,r0 /// r1 > 449
0x0000EA7A: 0x8901 bt 0x0000EA80
0x0000EA7C: 0x8874 cmp/eq #0x74,r0
0x0000EA7E: 0x8B15 bf 0x0000EAAC
0x0000EA80: 0xD217 mov.l _at_(0x060,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAE0
0x0000EA82: 0xD118 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EAE4
0x0000EA84: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EA86: 0xD218 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAE8
0x0000EA88: 0xD118 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EAEC
0x0000EA8A: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EA8C: 0xD218 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAF0
0x0000EA8E: 0xD119 mov.l _at_(0x068,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EAF4
0x0000EA90: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EA92: 0xD219 mov.l _at_(0x068,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAF8
0x0000EA94: 0xD119 mov.l _at_(0x068,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EAFC
0x0000EA96: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EA98: 0xD219 mov.l _at_(0x068,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB00
0x0000EA9A: 0xD11A mov.l _at_(0x06C,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB04
0x0000EA9C: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EA9E: 0xD21A mov.l _at_(0x06C,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB08
0x0000EAA0: 0xD11A mov.l _at_(0x06C,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB0C
0x0000EAA2: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAA4: 0xD21A mov.l _at_(0x06C,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB10
0x0000EAA6: 0xE101 mov #0x01,r1
0x0000EAA8: 0x000B rts
0x0000EAAA: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAAC: 0xD20C mov.l _at_(0x034,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAE0
0x0000EAAE: 0xD119 mov.l _at_(0x068,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB14
0x0000EAB0: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAB2: 0xD20D mov.l _at_(0x038,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAE8
0x0000EAB4: 0xD118 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB18
0x0000EAB6: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAB8: 0xD20D mov.l _at_(0x038,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAF0
0x0000EABA: 0xD118 mov.l _at_(0x064,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB1C
0x0000EABC: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EABE: 0xD20E mov.l _at_(0x03C,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EAF8
0x0000EAC0: 0xD117 mov.l _at_(0x060,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB20
0x0000EAC2: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAC4: 0xD20E mov.l _at_(0x03C,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB00
0x0000EAC6: 0xD117 mov.l _at_(0x060,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB24
0x0000EAC8: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EACA: 0xD20F mov.l _at_(0x040,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB08
0x0000EACC: 0xD116 mov.l _at_(0x05C,pc),r1 ; 0x0000EB28
0x0000EACE: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAD0: 0xD20F mov.l _at_(0x040,pc),r2 ; 0x0000EB10
0x0000EAD2: 0xE100 mov #0x00,r1
0x0000EAD4: 0x000B rts
0x0000EAD6: 0x2212 mov.l r1,_at_r2
0x0000EAD8: 0x01C1 .short 0x090001C1 ; 0x0000EA76
0x0000EADA: 0x0009 nop
0x0000EADC: 0x0200 .long 0x020000FE ; 0x0000EA70
0x0000EADE: 0x00FE
0x0000EAE0: 0x0903 .long 0x0903C220 ; 0x0000EAAC
0x0000EAE2: 0xC220
0x0000EAE4: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E994 ; 0x0000EA80
0x0000EAE6: 0xE994
0x0000EAE8: 0x0903 .long 0x0903C224 ; 0x0000EAB0
0x0000EAEA: 0xC224
0x0000EAEC: 0x0900 .long 0x0900EA24 ; 0x0000EA88
0x0000EAEE: 0xEA24
0x0000EAF0: 0x0901 .long 0x09013A74 ; 0x0000EAB8
0x0000EAF2: 0x3A74
0x0000EAF4: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E28C ; 0x0000EA8C
0x0000EAF6: 0xE28C
0x0000EAF8: 0x0901 .long 0x09013A40 ; 0x0000EABC
0x0000EAFA: 0x3A40
0x0000EAFC: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E504 ; 0x0000EA94
0x0000EAFE: 0xE504
0x0000EB00: 0x0901 .long 0x09013A84 ; 0x0000EAC4
0x0000EB02: 0x3A84
0x0000EB04: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E5AC ; 0x0000EA98
0x0000EB06: 0xE5AC
0x0000EB08: 0x0901 .long 0x09013A5C ; 0x0000EAC8
0x0000EB0A: 0x3A5C
0x0000EB0C: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E690 ; 0x0000EAA0
0x0000EB0E: 0xE690
0x0000EB10: 0x0901 .long 0x090137E0 ; 0x0000EAD0
0x0000EB12: 0x37E0
0x0000EB14: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E950 ; 0x0000EAAC
0x0000EB16: 0xE950
0x0000EB18: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E9DC ; 0x0000EAB4
0x0000EB1A: 0xE9DC
0x0000EB1C: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E25C ; 0x0000EAB8
0x0000EB1E: 0xE25C
0x0000EB20: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E4BC ; 0x0000EAC0
0x0000EB22: 0xE4BC
0x0000EB24: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E54C ; 0x0000EAC4
0x0000EB26: 0xE54C
0x0000EB28: 0x0900 .long 0x0900E60C ; 0x0000EACC
0x0000EB2A: 0xE60C

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Received on 2002-01-06

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