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Subject: Re: Nuke & RemoClone

Re: Nuke & RemoClone

From: gizz <>
Date: Fri, 11 Jan 2002 16:56:22 +0100

> Yes, I understood that. I was just thinking what people might associate to
> when they heard the name for the first time.

I wonder what people associate to 'Kjofol', when they launch it to enhance
vis of music players
when under Gnu/Linux ;)
(at least, in _french_, it HAS a meaning !!!! lol)
So, you don't like NukeBox much, right ??
I personally definitely do, because when displayed on the LCD, beside making
me think to DukeNuk'em,
it looks pretty like the word 'Jukebox' printed on the case about 2cm on the
top and the first letter (N instead of J)
is a nifty mark of hacking and Rev. Eng. -- I like that :)

> Well we don't know any other jukeboxes yet, so those are all we can
> support.

Indeed I wondered if the RemoClone was intended for the AJB6000 or not.

> It's connected to the headphone plug. The signals are as follows:
> Tip: Left audio
> Ring 1: Right audio
> Ring 2: Serial data
> Base: Ground

Oops, I think I only have some 3-signals plugs available to play with out
there.. :)

> Nice project. Note that you have to make a converter for this to work,
> since the signal levels are not right for RS-232.

Do you mean, the serial link for the remote (jukebox side) is a two-wire TTL
(0-5v) serial bus ??
so I can plug it to LPT !! :)
If it is some 0-3v, maybe it can work too..

> Hehe, poor windows users!

Hey ! don't blame me !! :)

> $ mount /mnt/archos; cp archos.mod /mnt/archos; umount /mnt/archos
Bingo ! but I knew that :) => this line is executed by the "update:" rule in
my Makefile when I compile under Linux..

Indeed, I have a dual system Linux/2000 and work under 2000 because I
couldn't compile the cross gcc
And the RPM distro you point to in your (cool) site is shipped with LE
binaries (arrrgggghhh)
AND I tried to recompile libgcc and al in BE format, without success !!!!!

> Takes me about half a second. And no mouse clicks. :-)

Me too.
(but I can't -lgcc, so it's nearly unusefull :)

> /Björn

/Gizz :)

PS : is the / a fan-club mark ??? I saw many jukebox fellows signed like
that ;oP
Received on 2002-01-11

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