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Subject: Re: Nuke & RemoClone
From: Tjerk Schuringa (
Date: 2002-01-12

Hi Gizz:

For tech specs for the Remoclone I have to refer you to the Jukebox archive @
Björn's site (December 2001). I still have to test Alan's interpretation of the
PIC code.

For the interface: the AJB6K (I don't know about the recorder, but since Archos
has only one yucky travelkit I suppose it works on the AJBR too) I used the
open drain port of the PIC processor (RA4) and connected it to the second ring.
The data is 9600 baud RS232. If you use a pin on the LPT port you need a
transistor (or FET) to convert the TTL levels to open drain. Don't forget to
invert the data...

About "nuke": I always nuke food in the microwave hehheh

Have phun!

Tjerk aka T.J.


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