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Subject: Re: Digrom2/ATA2
From: Nicolas Sauzede (
Date: 2002-01-21

>just create a variable :
> unsigned long clusters_per_fat = sectors_per_fat * 128;
> ...
> if ((cluster - 2) >= clusters_per_fat)
> break;

Well, I'm gonna try that.. :)

> I'm sorry, line 1) was totally wrong :((( there is a
> confusion between the number of sector containing the fat
> and the number of clusters the fat handles.

But I wonder how digrom2 can work for you björn/alan, because even if
your 6GB HD is (nearly) empty, your 3 minimum files (archos.mod,
ROM1.DAT and ROM2.DAT) should be located at least after the two FATs,
so how cant the test 'if (cluster < 2 || (cluster *
sectors_per_cluster) >=
sectors_per_fat)' can work if cluster>=2*sectors_per_fat ??????

I must be a fool somewhere.. :)

Keep up the good work, you all


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