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Subject: todo list
From: Alan Korr (
Date: 2002-03-15

>Not yet. However to get the first basic player working, we need:
>- Harddisk and file system (alan)
>- MP3 decoder (me)
>- LCD (ready)
>- User interface (nodoby)
>On this list, only the user interface is unworked on. It's also something
>that can be worked on quite a bit in "simulated mode", i.e. without
>needing to run on the actual Archos hardware
>We need a clever way to organise the interface, handle menu trees etc.
>We want it to be simple and low-footprint yet flexible enough to be easily
>expandable. We also need it to somehow support both the character display
>of the JBP and the bitmap display on the JBR without having to rewrite too
>much code for the two types.

Well, i'm very unlucky :(((, my harddisk where my job on harddisk and filesystem source really progressed was damaged. I can retrieve only files, the sizes of which are lesser than 4KB. In fact, a lot of thing to redo :((((

Regarding with user interface and GUI, there is a real problem : recorder LCD is far better than player LCD. I don't think it is possible to get the same interface for both (like having 8 lines on player for example).

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