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Subject: my recent stuff
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-04-11


(I'd really urge you all to pop by on IRC some time, we have a cosy little
community there now and we really get some things going by chatting live.)

I've taken Gary Czvitkovicz's LCD code and inserted in the lcd.c code in the
firmware directory, and (I hope) I've made the necessary fixes in the lcd.h
file and on a few other places. (Alan Korr threw a bunch of #defines over

Thus, both kinds of LCDs should now have code in CVS.

This done, I've adjusted the uisimulator and it now works again. It
copiles/builds with the bitmap LCD-code from the firmware directory.

I've also introduced the way to add #defines for various platforms. We set a
flag in the makefile telling which kind of box we build for, like

All C sources (is supposed to) include the file named config.h.

The config.h itself #ifdef's on the box-define and includes "config-[box].h"

Each "config-[box].h" keeps a set of defines that clearly spells out which
features that particular hardware supports. The set of hardware feature we
currently know about to set or not, is briefly documented in the CONFIG file
(also in the firmware dir).

Now, does anyone sit on a neat and fast line-drawing function? ;-)

  Daniel Stenberg -- Hacking Archos =>

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