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Subject: randomness and playlists
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-05-01


It struck me that if we end up with a playlist consisting of lots of tracks
and we want random selection, press play and a random tune starts... you play
N pieces of music and then shuts off.

Now, you start the player again. Where do you start again?

My thoughts:

We do no true random selections. We do a random based on a seed. The random
becomes the same every time given the same seed.

This way, we can store "index" and "seed" only, and then we always know which
track we played before this one (in fact, we have full backtrace all the
way), which one is next etc. No matter if you shut off the player in
between... And you won't hear the same tune twice until all tunes are played!

If you're not happy with the random order, you get a new scramble by changing
the seed.

  Daniel Stenberg -- Hacking Archos =>

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