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Subject: RE: randomness and playlists
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-05-02

> This is a good idea. A couple of questions:
> * What are you planning to use as the entropy source for
> the random seed?
> The least significant digits on keystroke timing and hard disk spin-up
> timing is sometimes used in crypto circles. Also there are
> the A/D inputs
> (that go somewhere, and may not be usable, I'll check this).
> * What algorithm are you thinking of for the iterations
> (something like
> SHA-1 would be indistingushible from random for our purposes, but is
> probably overkill)? And how do we stop songs repeating?
> Just trying to make myself feel useful (or at least annoying) ;)

For Daniels idea to work, the scramble function has to be deterministic. I
prefer to call it scramble since it isn't meant to be random. Therefore, an
algorithm like SHA-1 (whatever that is) or CRC32 should do the trick. Then
thing is that we use the scramble function to rearrange items in a list, so
the same song can't be played twice, unless the song is entered twice in the


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