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Subject: Re: First impressions ...

Re: First impressions ...

From: Daniel Stenberg <>
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 17:10:38 +0200 (MET DST)

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Mats Lidell wrote:

> 1. The background light seemed to go on and off rather often. I
> suspect that this is potentially controllable so are there any
> ideas about how this should be used?

I'd like to see a configurable timeout, and resetting that timeout on every
keypress. There is no code currently trying to do anything with the
backlight. This is the default!

> 2. On some songs the scrolling text is hard to read. Maybe a start and
> stop mark, or just a delimiter is better than white space?

Please suggest how and we'll try it out! Nothing beats trying for yourself in
real-life! ;-)

> 3. The interface isn't really logical concerning play lists and play
> directories. Known limitation. How should it be then? Ideas?

My take on this:

We need to make a decent "WPS" (While Playing Screen). The mpeg thread should
read out id3 info (and possibly store other info about what's currently
playing). We should be able to go to the WPS from the dir browser (and if we
idle there, we could timeout and go back to WPS).

The "play-all-dir" feature should be remade, IMHO (hey it was only a quickly
added hack in the first place). Instead of doing what it is doing now, it
should scan the dir, make a playlist and then load it the same way any other
playlist works. It would enable shuffling, resume and forward/backwards
moving very easily and swiftly without needing any special custom code (other
than the regular playlist code).

In the WPS, we should support the "normal" keys that everyone wants. Stop,
play, pause, forward, backword, volume up/down. We should do scrolling of
artist, title, album, times and whatever we can.

Of course, it should be easily and quickly done jumping from the WPS to the
dir browser and to the playlist browser and to the main menu.

Now we only need the code! ;-)

  Daniel Stenberg -- Rocking the box =>
Received on 2002-06-19

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