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Subject: Recorder mp3 playback. No background noise!
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2002-06-19

Hi all.

I just thought I'd report on today's development. Linus has checked in the
first version of his MP3 playback code for the Recorder, and it works.

A rather unexpected bonus is that with Rockbox, the dreaded "background
noise" is gone! Not even the old insert-earplug-halfway-and-wiggle-a-bit
trick can bring out the slightest hint of a noise.

Some of you may be growing a bit impatient with me for not releasing
version 1.1 even though we reported the features working over a week ago.
The reason is I'd like to fix the rather nasty button bounce problem
first, and also there is a problem with us not being able to play some
playlists. I hope to have this fixed before the weekend.

Since Recorder sound now works, the old front page roadmap is no longer
correct. Version 1.1 will support all currently available Archos Jukebox


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