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Subject: compiling under windows under cygwin

compiling under windows under cygwin

From: Eric Linenberg <>
Date: Fri, 21 Jun 2002 10:17:49 -0400

Maybe someone can put this up on the web page or something. Here is
the way to get everything up and running on windows under cygwin.
This works flawlessly for me, and should work for everyone else too.
I find this is the easiest way to compile under windows as nothing
needs to be really changed or modified from the daily source archives
or the cvs archives.

head on over to and download the setup file. Here is a
direct link:

Run the executable, choose install from internet, choose a directory
to install it into, leave default text file type as Unix, then click
next. Choose a local package directory (this is where it will
temporarily download the packages you choose in the next step)

Then choose an available download site. I choose as
it is close to me and very fast.

click on develop and choose gcc, cvs, make,
click on utils and choose bzip2
click on net and choose openssh
(make sure bash is chosen under base)

then go out and download binutils-2.11.tar.gz and gcc-3.0.4.tar.gz
and save them in the cygwin\home\name directory that has just been created.

For instance my name under windows is Eric, and I installed cygwin to
c:\develop\cygwin\ so I saved these files to

when you run cygwin you will be inside a bash shell.

now follow the directions on this page

now, lets get the source and compile...

download a daily source archive to the same directory as above.

I will use:

then do the following:
/home/Eric> tar zxf rockbox-daily-20020621.tar.gz
/home/Eric> cd rockbox-daily-20020621
/home/Eric/rockbox-daily-20020621> mkdir build
/home/Eric/rockbox-daily-20020621> cd build
/home/Eric/rockbox-daily-20020621/build> ../tools/configure

and answer the questions as you like (this build directory is where
your archos.mod or ajbrec.ajz will be created.)

then head into the tools directory and run make to create the scramble
utility and others.

/home/Eric/rockbox-daily-20020621/tools> make

now, to compile the firmware just go into the build directory you
created and run make

/home/Eric/rockbox-daily-20020621/build> make

there you go!

you MAY need to however need to add includes to the two makefiles to
get it to compile. this is done by adding:
to the end of the INCLUDES= line in

thats all for now. If someone can clean up or condense these
instructions, then by all means go right ahead.

Received on 2002-06-21

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