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Subject: Re: New member to the list
From: Mike Soultanian (
Date: 2002-06-28

ok.. now it's not taking the archos 1.27 upgrade, so something's funky.

Lemme give it a try at work with all the archos driver's loaded. I was
able to upgrade the firmware on that computer, so we'll see if that
works. All it needs to do is copy the file over, correct? Or does it
copy it to a boot sector?

Is there a master reset on the AJB?


"Nielsen Linus (ext)" wrote:
> > I've formatted the drive, renamed the proper Rockbox
> > file to ajbrec.ajz and copied it to the root, but the AJB system is
> > still reporting the firmware as 1.26. I just bought this unit so the
> > 1.26 firmware is dated March 19, 2002.. have they put a check in their
> > OS to block Rockbox?
> That wouldn't surprise me. :-)
> So your drive is totally blank except for the ajbrec.ajz image of Rockbox?
> Then I have no idea. Have you tried to name it in all upper case,
> After the formatting, can you still play MP3 files using the 1.26?
> /Linus


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