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Subject: The UI design
From: M. OReilly (
Date: 2002-07-02

Well, the list has been quiet for a few days now, so I assume things are
going well. Time to shake them up?

I have been thinking about the UI design, and I think this is one of the
ways in which I could help directly with the Rockbox project. (I'm feeling
sort of like I'm not pulling my fair share since I can't code...)

So far, most of the UI interface has been lifted from ideas in the original
Archos firmware, requested on this list, or a product of the intuition of
the developers. While this is certainly making good progress, I wonder if
perhaps a concentrated, centralized UI design wouldn't be a good idea. I
think heuristics is fascinating, and that it could be very helpful to know
what we want our end product to look and act like before we finish coding.
I think some sort of flowchart or process diagram would be a good way to
communicate the user interface to each other.

Does anyone else think this is a good idea? If so, I volunteer to be a
focal point for developing this into an actuality. I don't know if anyone
has concatenated a list of UI-specific requests so far, so any help (from
the list and Sourceforge archives, perhaps) would be good.


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