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Subject: Re[4]: Different charsets, loadable fonts, unicode ....
From: Alex Gitelman (
Date: 2002-07-14

It does support it. Size of bitmap + height deterministically define
width of each character. The code has and use same lcd_getstringsize
method. There are couple of places that I need to review but in
general it supports it.
Sunday, July 14, 2002, 4:45:53 AM, you wrote:

BS> Alex Gitelman wrote:
>> I thought about it, but to support variable widths bunch of changes
>> to firmware need to be done because most UI tasks are done
>> through character positions.

BS> Actually, we already have variable width support. Add the define LCD_PROPFONTS to your firmware/Makefile and you get it. I'd say 95% of everything works fine without special position handling. We
BS> really mostly use character positions Y position, not X.

BS> Variable width is a major benifit, since it allows more information on screen. I definitely think your code should support it.

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