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Subject: too many MPEG_NEED_DATA messages?
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-07-18

I noticed on the latest cvs builds that key presses are taking a very long
time to be actioned when a new song starts playing.

I noticed that MPEG_NEED_DATA messages are being posted to the mpeg queue in
a number of places in the code. I concluded that the key presses were being
queued behind several MPEG_NEED_DATA messages - which each take a
significant time to complete.

I added a simple counter that increments on each MPEG_NEED_DATA post - and
decrements on each MPEG_NEED_DATA service. I then only posted a new
MPEG_NEED_DATA if there wasn't already a pending one. This fixed the
problem nicely - although I think more testing is needed.


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