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Subject: RE: [PATCH] playlist and id3 fixes
From: Jeff Waltzer (
Date: 2002-07-22

    Did a little research with Google and found this link:,,12065_616221_2,00.html

It recommends using (quoting from article)
> for (i is 1 to 3)
> Swap i with random position between i and 3

Instead of
> for (i is 1 to n)
> Swap i with random position between 1 and n

(The change is the range starts with 'i' not '1')

   But then when all is said and done it probably doesn't make that much
of a difference.

--- "Nielsen Linus (ext)" <> wrote:
> > playlist:
> > - The shuffle algorithm wasn't quite correct
> What was wrong about it?
> The current version runs through the list, swapping the song at the
> 'count'
> position with a random candidate from the entire list of files.
> Your version takes a random candidate from the list of remaining files.
> Why
> is that better?
> /Linus

    The heresies we should fear are those which can be confused with orthodoxy.
-- Borges, "The Theologians"

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