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Subject: HDD upgrade questions
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-07-24

I am running out of space on my AJR20. I have the option of swapping it
with a 40GB drive from my laptop computer and I have a few questions.

1 I read somewhere that FAT32 has a limit of 30GB. If so, does this mean
that I have to partition the drive?

2 Has anyone had any problems with partitioned drives and the AJR. I expect
that only the primary partition will be recognised by the AJR - this is OK -
as long as I can still access the other partiton when connected via USB to
my laptop. I did an experimental partition on a CompactFlash card a while
ago, and windoze98 (and winCE) found the 2 partitions OK but windoze2k
didn't which was annoying (it did recognize them both but you could only
actually use the primary partition).

3 By some strange twist of fate, I have the choice of either a Toshiba or
IBM travelstar HDD (both current models) - which one would be better and


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