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Subject: RE: Removable HD ?
From: Stuart Tedford (
Date: 2002-07-31

> I also buy a new 40GB IBM Travelstar HD to replace the mine
> in my AJBR 20.

What is the travelstar like in the AJR20?

I have just put a 40GB Tohsiba in mine and I find it has more errors than
the standard fujitsu 20GB drive. What I mean is that RockBox often stops
playing a song when it tries accessing the disk, it just hangs with the red
LED on until you press next track. It is fine if I leave it playing on my
desk - it only happens in the car. I have to set it on my lap while I
drive, otherwise (probably 95% of the time) it happens if I leave it on the
seat or centre console of the car while driving - (my car gives quite a
harsh ride). It still happens (probably 10% of the time) when I have it on
my lap.

I have access to a 40GB travelstar but I really don't have any time to do a
test with it, it would mean taking my laptop almost completely apprart and
swapping with the toshiba and I really need my laptop at the moment for
work. I am even considering going back to the 20GB fujitsu! the toshiba is
that bad.

Has anyone else had these problems?


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