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Subject: Re: Battery life
From: Rob Ward (
Date: 2002-08-03

Why not compare the current usage between the Archos firmware and the
Rockbox firmware?


Stuart Tedford wrote:

>>I know that the current CVS version (20020802) uses 125 mA when idle,
>>compared with the 95mA of the stock version.
>ok, I assume by "idle" you mean playing a song but not accessing the HDD -
>as this is what I was doing in my tests - continuously playing and accessing
>the hdd as required.
>>We don't put the CPU to sleep, something that may change the power
>>consumption a little. But that will have to wait a little, since we
>>have to change the kernel a lot to accomplish that.
>Do you think the stock firmware sleeps the CPU? It seems to be doing a lot
>of processing - updating the display with those silly vu meters and
>scrolling etc - doesn't leave much time for sleeping.

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