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Subject: RE: MP3 plays silent
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-08-05

> What do you say about these WPS screens:
> * WPS-default, + and -, change volume
> * WPS-ff, + and -, fast forwards and rewinds
> * WPS-nextsong, + and -, changes song

I agree that a one-key solution might be nice, but I think the MENU
depressed simultaneously with + and minus to change the volume isn't that
bad. That's how we do it now, and that's how Archos does it too.

> With modes we need to indicate in the display in which mode we are and
> we will thus loose space for the mode indicators. On the other hand it
> is hard for newbees to use the thing without help from the display so
> we might need to add that anyway. This could suggest the following
> help information in the second line on the player:
> * WPS-default: "-V.......+V"
> * WPS-ff: "-RW.....+FF"
> * WPS-nextsong: "-PS.....+NS"

I think that's a waste of space, so I suggest we have a Newbie/Advanced
setting, so those who know the keys can have some other info on that line.

> On the other hand I just recall that I have seen units where next song
> and ff are handled by the same button. Press and hold means ff and
> click means next song. That might be a better solution.

Absolutely. That is what most common CD players do.

> (Is there any support for press and hold in the firmware now?)



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