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Subject: Re: MP3 plays silent
From: Mats Lidell (
Date: 2002-08-05

>>>>> Nielsen wrote:

Nielsen> I agree that a one-key solution might be nice, but I think
Nielsen> the MENU depressed simultaneously with + and minus to change
Nielsen> the volume isn't that bad. That's how we do it now, and
Nielsen> that's how Archos does it too.

OOPS! I didn't know that (and I was in that code in the middle of
July!) Things are sure happening fast. Nice!

As I have written a lot lately about GUI issues I suppose I should
stop that, RTFM and catch up to the current GUI situation. I guess
"read the source Luke" is the way to do it or has there been some
activity with documenting "how we do it now"


%% Mats

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