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Subject: getting stuck playing two files over and over
From: Mike Soultanian (
Date: 2002-08-07

Somehow, my recorder gets stuck playing two MP3s over and over. I hit
forward, it plays an MP3, then I hit forward and it goes to the previous
MP3, then forward again and it goes to the next, then to the previous,
etc, etc.. I can't figure out quite yet how it gets into this mode, but
I think it seems to happen if I do a bunch of browsing while playing a
folder of MP3s.. and yes, there are more than 2 files in the folder.

Has anyone else seen this behaviour? I do not have shuffle, or repeat,
or anything strange enabled. It'll be playing a group of MP3s ok, and
then decide that it wants to get stuck every now and then on two MP3s.
I will try and figure out why it's doing this...

This has happened with previous CVS versions up to the latest revisions.

any ideas?


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