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Subject: Re: [ rockbox-Feature Requests-593076 ] One touch toggle-shuffle
From: Mike Soultanian (
Date: 2002-08-09

based on what was said before about shuffling folders, I don't think
it'll happen and we'll be stuck using playlists...


Eric Linenberg wrote:
> I think play modes should be
> Play Folder
> Play Folder and all Subfolders
> Repeat One
> Repeat Current Folder
> Repeat Current Folder and all Subfolders
> Shuffle Current Folder
> Shuffle Current Folder Repeat (shuffles current folder non-stop)
> Shuffle Current Folder and all Subfolders
> Shuffle Current Folder and all Subfolders Repeat
> Intro play (first 15 seconds, 1:00-1:15 of song, or last 15 seconds)
> and for playlists:
> Normal
> Repeat
> Shuffle
> Shuffle Repeat
> a button like F2 could step through the different modes. The iriver
> MP3CD player has all these and they are great! Another nice thing they
> have is the option to turn off some or all of the modes in a settings
> menu. That way when you hit F2, it only goes through the modes that
> you use.
> -eric
> MS> If you're going to toggle shuffle, you might as well also toggle repeat
> MS> too. F2 options could be:
> MS> Normal
> MS> Repeat
> MS> Repeat 1
> MS> Shuffle
> MS> Shuffle Repeat


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