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Subject: RE: shorter file names
From: Nielsen Linus (ext) (
Date: 2002-08-14

> but if the bandname is for example "christina milian" and you
> have about 10 songs of her, the display contains 10 times her
> name. but i don't know which line is which songs - except you
> scroll to each and wait until the name is scrolled to left...

Yeah, that is a problem.

> my idea is that if we had an option to set "cut each word of
> bandname to 4-chars" than the directorylisting could look like:
> chri mili-am to
> instead of
> christina milian

That is a pretty good idea. Or even cut the band name entirely?

> of course the 4 chars should be configurable (maybe someone
> only needs 3 or even 2 or would like to cut the bandname anyway...).
> btw: probably this could also reduce the needed memory.

It will not, since we still need the entire file name to load the song.


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