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Subject: Re: shorter file names

Re: shorter file names

From: Psyco Dedman <>
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 18:46:13 -0700

Personally i'd like 2 configurable options:
1. auto-shortening of a number of repeat filename prefixes in one place.
  this should never really get in anybody's way, but if they don't like
  it they can turn it off anyway, but basically how some others have
  said before with aaa-blah1.mp3 aaa-blah2.mp3 aaa-halb.mp3 becoming
  more like blah1.mp3 blah2.mp3 halb.mp3
  this would also take a number option of how many to leave, i.e. for
  blah1.mp3 it would be set to 0. for 1 it would be a<sep>blah.mp3
  <sep> being the 1st user-configurable seperator char that's also shared
  with the next option... for 2 its aa<sep>blah.mp3 etc
2. configurable parsing... this would take the format $n[-] or such
  also similar to how somebody's already mentioned...
  so if you want to see 'blah-halb-GAH' as 'GAH<sep>halb<sep>blah' you
  set it to $3$2$1 ... the [-] would be for remaining fields i.e.
  'blah-halb-GAH-bah' becomes 'GAH<sep>bah<sep>halb<sep>blah' for $3-$2$1
  the displayed seperator would be the first char configured as a field
  seperator, in a colon-seperated string used for parsing to know what
  the fields are....
  i.e. '-:_:,: ' field seperators on a file like 'a-b c_d e,f' set to
  $3-$2$1 becomes 'd-e-f-b c-a'. Or with '_:-:,: ' its 'd_e_f_b c_a'
  multiple sequential field-seperators would also be treated as a single
  seperator, i.e '--' is counted as '-'
This all probably sounds more complex than it is.. i think it would take
care of the vast majority of everybody's preference...
as far as how the 2 effect each other, the truncated>0 first field would
be $1 still i guess? or maybe there's some way to combine the 2 more
more logically...
they should also both be toggle-able without losing their settings i
these could also be set for specific files/playlists/dirs if we
ever get the ability to save configurations [such as this,
vol/bass/treble, etc) per-file/playlist/dir...

Anyways, just my 3 cents [this turned out longer than 2 :p], and i
certainly haven't started any coding...
Just trying to get people thinking about simple flexibility...
Received on 2002-08-15

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