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Subject: Some bugs: Menu appears after 2 keypresses only / F2+up...
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2002-08-15


After starting a playlist, I have to press the F1 key two times to
make the menu appear the first time. The same after I was in the dir

I think that bug appeared since the FFW/Back change.


On my recorder, F2+up has the same function as F3 (statusbar on/off). Was this planned? Whoever changes it - could you please set shuffle on/off to F2? Pleeease. :-)


The FFW/BACK setting is not saved to RTC.


Dir Browser and Menu:

At the moment it's like this (Recorder):

Play mode <--F1--> Menu <--ON IGNORED-->

Play mode <--ON--> Dir browser <--F1--> Menu

So it's not possible to go from Menu to Dir browser in case 1 and in case 2 it's not possible from Menu directly to play mode.

I suggest:

Dir browser <--ON--> Play mode <--F1--> Menu | | \-----------<<<<ON<<<<---------------/ | | \----------->>>>F1>>>>---------------/

That means ON to switch between dir browser and play mode and F1 between Menu and play mode.

BTW: Has anybody thought of leaving dir browser / menu automatically and go to the play screen if the user doesn't press any key for x seconds?

Bye, Uwe.

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