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Subject: Re: Re: time to sleep?
From: Björn Stenberg (
Date: 2002-08-22

Sven Karlsson wrote:
> To minimize the power spent in the CPU (and memory) you need to:

Thank you for your suggestions. We have, however, long ago decided that the code we write shall be simple and straight-forward "old school" C.

As with all optimisation, the greatest leaps are made by careful design and intelligent implementation. Cycle-optimising each routine might buy us a few percent, but it also makes the code much harder to maintain.

Also, what we have with the Archos is a system that is idle for long periods of time. Optimising the code does not help here, as no code is running! Going into low power mode during this time would, however, save us heaps.

As for the LCD, there is no measurable difference between constant updates (running the Bounce demo, for instance) or when it's static. Just for the record. :-)


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