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Subject: Re: Fully qualified paths.
From: Daniel Stenberg (
Date: 2002-08-23

On Thu, 22 Aug 2002, Chad Lockwood wrote:

> Hi all I am wondering how people deal with the fact that rockbox won't
> handle playlist with dir that does not exist. i.e.
> The entry "/nmt/archos/adir/asong.mp3" needs to be changed to
> "/adir/asong.mp3" to play.

Right. Since you use a unix, you can just copy the playlist to your archos
like this (which cuts off the dir automaticly):

 sed 's:/mnt/archos::g' < sourcelist.m3u > /mnt/archos/playlist.m3u

> Do you mount your archos as "/" some how? I currently edit and remove the
> offending text with search and replace.

Personally, I always build my playlists with the find command under linux:

 find mp3 -name "*mp3" > fulllist.m3u

Daniel "Bagder" Stenberg --

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