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Subject: Re: Proof of concept: soft scrolling
From: Bjoern Fischer (bfischer_at_Techfak.Uni-Bielefeld.DE)
Date: 2002-08-26


here is a slightly enhanced version of the soft scrolling patch.
lcd_putspropxy() now writes properly to the right boundary even
if the last character does not fit completely.


- lcd_puts_scroll() is still broken: for LCD_PROPFONT it makes
  the assumption, that the character count per row is constant
  while scrolling. Obviously this is not true. You can see the
  problem in WPS-Id3 (the scrolling path+file). In the dir
  browser some entries are not scrolled when they are just a bit
  too long for the display. I don't know whether this is related
  or a different problem.
- it should be configurable how many pixels should be scrolled
  in one step. To do so, requires some additional loops in the
  scroll thread, where currently are if-statemants.
- soft scrolling for loadable fonts

Björn (Fischer)

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