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Subject: Re[2]: Trouble with loadable fonts
From: Alex Gitelman (
Date: 2002-08-27

In latest version of Rockbox loadable font support is screwed. The
reason (as usual) is that font routines are called before fonts is
initialized. I did quick fix (attached) which I am not quite satisfied
with at the moment but unfortunately I have lots of work so I just don't
have time to do better.
Second, in bdf2ajb there is hardcoded table used to transcode
Cyrillic to appropriate coding - it may need to be removed for German.
Unicode may work OK assuming that 0 page is for Western European
languages, but in general in unicode.c appropriate table should be
installed, too.

Best regards,
Tuesday, August 27, 2002, 7:07:57 AM, you wrote:

FM> hi uwe

FM> i'm swiss and i have exactly the same problem...

FM> so anyone who can help will already have 2 supporters!

FM> fabian

FM> ----- Original Message ----- FM> From: Uwe Freese FM> Sent: 27.08.2002 15:39:47 FM> To: FM> Subject: Trouble with loadable fonts

>> Hello, >> >> I tested around with loadable fonts, because I want to see the "german >> umlauts" correctly (the size of the standard font is ok for me). >> >> First question: Why aren't the german characters (umlauts ) >> displayed in the non-loadable-fonts version? They are available in >> both ANSI and Ascii table. Is the standard font only Ascii 7 bit? >> >> Then I compiled a version with loadable fonts and the 5x7.bdf (which >> is ISO8859-1 and should contain the 'umlauts', shouldn't it?). But >> after starting, rockbox tells me "No font specified" (I copied the >> system.ajf to the AJB). >> >> I downloaded 5x7 and 5x8 (both ISO8859-1) fonts from somewhere, but >> bdf2ajf exits with a segfault. I think there are too many characters >> in this bdf file. But adf2ajf should ignore the additional ones >> instead of crashing, of course. (I don't know how to change the bdf >> file manually so that it works with the current bdf2ajf.) >> >> Has anybody a font for me that's equivalent to the font of the >> fixed-font-version (only with 'german umlauts')? >> >> Bye, Uwe.

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