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Subject: RE: [PATCH] ff/rewind acceleration
From: M. OReilly (
Date: 2002-08-28

Might I suggest that a cap be put on the doubling feature? Holding down ff
in a very long song could potentially be disastrous by the time one reaches
even 21 seconds (which will then be skipping by 128-second increments, if it
starts at 1 second). Perhaps a max value of ~30 seconds per second of ff?


Oh, wait, I think I see it. I'm not really good at reading C code, but does
the FF_REWIND_MAX_STEP does exactly what I've asked above? (1000
milliseconds * 30)

If so, sorry for being redundant. :-)


-----Original Message-----
From: []On
Behalf Of Nate Nystrom
Sent: Wednesday, August 28, 2002 2:07 AM
Subject: [PATCH] ff/rewind acceleration

Here is a patch against the current CVS which adds an acceleration
option for ff/rewind. This greatly speeds up seeking through long
files while still letting you seek slowly forward or back a few seconds.

With the option enabled, after holding down the LEFT or RIGHT button for
3 seconds (by default), the ff/rewind step size will double. It doubles
again every 3 seconds thereafter. The option can be enabled or disabled
in the settings menu.

I didn't implement it, but to save a byte in the RTC, we should probably
combine the ff_rewind and ff_rewind_accel bytes into one byte. With
acceleration, an ff/rewind step size above, say, 15 seconds seems pretty
useless to me. I'll add this if this patch gets committed to CVS.


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