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Subject: 1 Bug, 1 misbehaviour and a feature
From: Claudio Sabia (
Date: 2002-08-29

Thank you all for the incredible Rockbox!

1. If you press the Play/Pause button (I have a AJBR6K) and then the Previous Tack button, the icon in the status bar remains in Pause mode even if the song is playing (from the beginning). Then, if you press the Play/Pause button again, it will cause a mess in the playing time counter and the cursor will jump at the end of the lower bar. I think that when in pause, if you press the Previous Track button, it should jump at the beginning of the track AND stay in pause (as Next Track button does) and if you press it twice it should jump at the beginning of the previous track (obviously!), in pause.

2. If you press the Previous Track button while playing the first chunk of data, it should reuse the buffer to restart the song (sometimes works in this way but rarely); as it is now, it refills the buffer without reason, wasting time and power. Is there a way to correct this misbehaviour?

3. The keys I press more frequently are Up and Down while in WPS to change the volume. I think that it would save us a lot of power if the LCD doesn't light on in this case (you can hear when you reach the volume you want!). Just a thought.

Sorry for my poor english!

Claudio Sabia

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