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Subject: Re: 1 Bug, 1 misbehaviour and a feature
From: Uwe Freese (
Date: 2002-08-29

Hello Claudio,

Claudio Sabia wrote on Thursday, August 29, 2002, 3:19:56 PM:

CS> 3. The keys I press more frequently are Up and Down while in WPS
CS> to change the volume. I think that it would save us a lot of power
CS> if the LCD doesn't light on in this case (you can hear when you
CS> reach the volume you want!). Just a thought.

I don't agree. At least I want the possibility that the light goes on
when I press vol+/- :

If I connect my AJB to my car radio, I usually set the volume to about
84. There, hearing that the volume is loud enough is not sufficient,
because the volume depends on the volume setting of my car radio, too.
And the display is much more readable with the light on.

BTW: The additional light consumes 30 mA, and the AJB consumes ~ 160
mA in normal usage. I think this 30 mA for a few seconds is not too

Bye, Uwe.

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