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Subject: Some ideas
From: Olivier BUTLER (
Date: 2002-08-30

Hi to all,

some ideas the recorder :

1) in pause mode ,is it possible to make the pause icon and/or the progress
bar blinking?

2) Will auto-poweroff be implemented ? ( the setting is read and save from
RTC, and seems not to be used )

3) When browsing thru folder/track, : can the left key be repeatable to go
quickly to the root?

4) When 'ON' is pressed the user start browsing : can the start point of
browsing be always
the current playing track ( in play mode of course )? actually once you
start browsing without
playing a new file, you lose the current folder/track and after 'prev/next
5) can it be persistant after OFF->ON even the resume is off ?

6) In the browse list : can 1 pixel be added between the icon and the text
( could be nicer ) ?

8) When browsing: is it possible to browse page-by-page by pushing Fx +

9) The STOP button of the remote could act as 'ON'. This will permit the
user to remotly browse.

Best Regards

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