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Subject: Re: Custom WPS
From: Mats Lidell (
Date: 2002-08-31

>>>>> Justin wrote:

Justin> I don't think that the current implementation of
Justin> %? could handle more than one type of if statement. It could
Justin> possibly be done with %? and then %ia to modify the artist.

If I understand correctly the if statement is only whether some
id3-info is found or not. It would be more general if you could test
any expression. Wouldn't the c-construct x?y:z handle most cases just
as it does in the hardcoded wps views without adding to much

Justin> We've currently got only 64 characters per line on the Custom
Justin> WPS, so whatever commands are implented should be kept short
Justin> and sweet.

If you by that mean the length of the scroll line I think it should at
least be doubled to 128 or maybe more.

Justin> Also, I'd like to send out a plea for anyone with a recorder
Justin> and programming knowledge to debug the recorder version for me
Justin> and try to figure out why it's not scrolling. It's works on
Justin> the player, and it's the same functions, so it should work on
Justin> the recorder :-)

It scrolls in the player simulator but not in the recorder
simulator. (At least when I try it.) You might find that the simulator
is enough to find the bug.


%% Mats

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