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Subject: Minor quirks in CVS
From: Magnus Holmgren (
Date: 2002-08-31


I've noticed a few quirks in the current CVS, when running on a player.

* The audio icon isn't cleared when going to the menu. It used to be
(and that's the way it should be, IMHO).

* In the "if (restore)" block at the end of wps.c, refresh_scroll in the
wps_refresh() call should be true. Otherwise it takes a little while for
the scrolling to start. (But doesn't that mean its redundant to call
both wps_display and wps_refresh?)

Fixes for the above are so simple that I haven't bothered to generate a
patch. :)

Btw, it struck me now that menu "headers" (i.e., when editing a
particular setting) aren't wrapped in "[]" the sound settings. Why the

Not a quirk, but I tried the player progress. Neat thing, but should it
really progress pixel by pixel? Wouldn't pixel-line by pixel-line look
better (even if it didn't update that often) - and be easier to read?

Magnus Holmgren

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