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Subject: Re: Nitpicking
From: Magnus Holmgren (
Date: 2002-09-01

Björn Stenberg wrote:

> > * Using "button_get(true);" in volume and ff/rewind isn't great, since
> > it stops time displays. wps_refresh() needs to be called now and then.
> Ffwd/rew alters the time display anyway (and updates it peridocally),
> so there's no point it calling wps_refresh().

Yes, my mistake.

> The volume changes i can maybe agree on, although I'd say people
> normally release MENU immediately after adjusting volume, and then
> the time updates. The time freeze only occurs if you keep holding
> down MENU.

And even if you don't opt to change the volume (i.e., it happens within
menu()). :)

However, I tend to spend a few seconds finding the right volume, so I
noticed the "problem".

Magnus Holmgren

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