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Subject: [PATCH] Settings Menu Cleanup
From: Chris Pimlott (
Date: 2002-09-05

        Attached is a patch to clean up the menus a bit. There were
getting to be a lot of items under General Settings, so I split them up
into sub menus. Now it looks like this:

General Settings
                FF/RW Min Step
                FF/RW Accel
        File View
                Sort Mode
                Music Filter
                Hidden Files
                Scroll Speed
                Disk Spindown
                Deep Discharge

        As you'll notice, I made some minor changes in the text, mostly
to shorten it. I got rid of the []s around the setting names, since they
served no purpose (you won't mistake them with menus since they don't
have the cursor in the first column). I also wanted to make the text
more consistant. Menu items and setting names are titles, so the first
letters are capitalized. In contrast, setting options are lowercase.

        I also added a set_bool_option function, which lets you set the
names of the boolean options. It uses set_option and the plain set_bool
now does as well.

        Chris Pimlott

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