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Subject: Re: Wrap in the menu setting parameters ?
From: Mike Soultanian (
Date: 2002-09-06

I think that the yes/no prompts used to wrap, but I don't think they do
anymore. Before I knew that I could hit up or down to enable/disable

I thought that was kinda handy... .. unless it was my imagination that
it did that.. i dunno


Benoit Midy wrote:
> Hi,
> I am finnaly happy to see that the menu are too "wrapeable" .
> So I'd like to get the parameter in the menu "wrapebale" too
> I mean for example when I'd like to set the volume to 99 and It is actually set to 2 I could
> decrease to 1 then itr will wrap to 99 !
> In my memory the settings parameter was defined as list like the (wps / parse / file) so it
> could be easilly be implemented, if none is volounteer I'll get a look this evening.
> PS: the new credits screen is really good , perhaps someone could implenet a
> starwars scrolling like !! perhaps the guy who make the bounce has the knowledge to
> make it , if he made the bounce I thjink that startrwars scrolling will be a kind play for him
> , isn't it ?


--------------------- Mike Soultanian Computer Technician, College of the Arts (562) 985-4409 ---------------------

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