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Subject: RE: search a string
From: John Wood (
Date: 2002-09-06

It you had a stack based at the end of the buffer, then you woudln't get
fragmentation. I'm not suggesting using the buffer as a heap. Most
operations (loading a folder, loading a playlist, doing a search) are
cascading operations and so stack allocation is appropriate.

When you allocate stuff on the stack, it'll shrink the cached MP3 data.
It'll just run out of cache sooner than it did previously.

Unless you're going to tell me that the decoder DMA locks the whole cache
while it's using it and that you don't have control to shrink it while it's
in use? That would put an end to that idea if that's the case :)

-----Original Message-----
From: Linus Nielsen Feltzing []

Have you even thought of how the mp3 buffer handling would be
implemented if the memory was dynamic? Have you considered how it
would handle a fragmented buffer?
Think about it for a while, and imagine the consequences, regarding
the DMA handler, the fast forward/rewind, the time calculations, the
disk reader, the track change detection, and...


Linus Nielsen Feltzing, on 2002-09-06

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