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Subject: won't have any way to improve my code the next 2/3 weeks. So...

won't have any way to improve my code the next 2/3 weeks. So...

From: François-Xavier Houard <>
Date: Sat, 7 Sep 2002 09:07:32 +0200

I'm sorry about this, but, i've learned yesterday that i'm taken at the
university of "Pierre et Marie Curie", in Paris. And for i'm not living in
Paris for the moment, and cause the year begin very soon, i will have to go
to Paris next week, to find a flat, and after that, i'll have to move to
this flat, and after that, i will have to wait for 2 or 3 weeks to have my
internet connection.
So, i won't be able to improve my code till, I think, the beginning of
So, i'm sorry cause it is very very dirty, unfinished, uncommented, and
doesn't work, but i send you today the different things i've been working
on. As i was moving from strcasestr to boyer-moore to search string, it
doesn't work at all, but, if someone found it better than wait 3 weeks..
And by the way, you could see how the database work for the moment, if you
want to had functionnality or improve it.

apps/search_string.c , apps/search_string.h: search strings in the database. The
problem is that it doesn't work anymore at all cause i couldn't find the
time to finish the coming from strcasestr to boyer-moore. To get things
work really fine, it will be need to change lot's of things in this file,
cause boyer-moore can be optimised a lot if it's well done. (and very slow
if not; having to recreate the arrays for each files would be very very
slow i think)

apps/db.c, apps/db.h: to open and read the db. works fine, except the last
function. For the moment, the db stuff can't work with multiples directory.

firmware/common/boyer-moore.c: my very own implementation of the boyer
moore algorithme (to search a pattern into a string). May be very very
dirty, and easy to improve (there are so much "+1 and -1" everywhere...).
It worked in a test use, but may not as a library. I imagined the
arrays used for optimisation, by my own. So it can be very bad and

firware/strcasestr.c: just my implementation of strcasestr; may not be
used, cause boyer-moore is better.

and that's all i remember having made. I'm sorry about that; if someone
want to improve/use/change my code, there is no problem, and if nobody
want's, i'll be back in 3 weeks with clean and working code. I post that
just to be sure not to slow down the devel; but this is really unfinished

So, see you in 3 weeks
thanks a lot, and, excuse me for the dirtyness of my code ;)


  • text/x-chdr attachment: db.h
  • text/x-csrc attachment: db.c
Received on 2002-09-07

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