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Subject: Re[2]: Oszillosgraph (was: Use built-in MIC for auto-volume?)
From: Eric Linenberg (
Date: 2002-09-09

[11:53] <elinenbe> I know langharrocker is not around who did the
oscilloscope code, but I was wondering something. Couldn't the max
values that the oscilloscope puts out be read and then a dynamic
normalization be done to adjust the volume on the fly? Like a software
based auto volume? [11:55] <elinenbe> also, there is a problem with
the oscilloscope code. When I am playing music and just watching the
oscilloscope every few songs, then music just stops. I can go back to
the directory browser and start the song over, but this is
reproducable and kind of annoying.

PP> Just because I was at it:
PP> Here comes the prove that it's not the processing power that isn't
PP> sufficiant but that the lcd is too slow. :)

PP> Phil

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